If the terms Apache, Linux and MySQL are things that you are not familiar with – You need a “Server Administrator.” In a nutshell, a Server Administrator knows the “nuts and bolts” of how the internet works. He is kind of like a mechanic for websites. In layman’s terms, the word “server”refers to a computer or set of computers that are always connected to the Internet. Servers are where web pages are files are housed.

          In order to have a website, a business must have “space” on a server. The Server Administrator takes care of procuring the actual space, assigning the domain name to the space, and configuring it for use. Servers can be configured in many different ways to accomplish a myriad of tasks. Our developers have the skills and expertise needed to procure, set up and configure servers for optimum performance. This is important because if servers are not configured correctly, it could lead to decreased website efficiency. At Creative Web Design Unlimited our developers make certain that each server application is configured properly to insure peak website functionality.

          While we at Creative Web Design Unlimited do not own or run our own servers, we are an official partner with one of the largest web space and service provider companies on the planet. Through this partnership, we are able to customize each server application to fit each individual project’s specifications so that we may provide the most cost effective and efficient solutions for our clients.