Search Engine Optimization is the art of manipulating computer code to make websites easily accessible to search engines. Have you ever gotten a call with a recorded voice claiming to be “Sharon, you local Google specialist?” These calls originate from SEO companies. These companies want to sell you their services. In essence, they charge you a monthly fee to manipulate your website coding to “put you on the front page of Google.”

          While studies show that being at or near the top of the first page of major search engines, like Google, Yahoo! and Bing is the prime location where you should want your site to appear, there is absolutely no way that any company can guarantee your website’s placement there. In Fact, even if you buy advertising space directly from the search engines themselves (which is very expensive), they, by their own admission, will NOT guarantee your placement at particular spots on their pages. The best one can hope for is to show up on the front page.

          Search engines use closely guarded sets of constantly changing algorithms which generate search results. So, if anyone tells you that they can put you “at the top” of the first page of any major search engine, do not believe that they have a “magic formula,” or that they have a “secret” that enables them to do so. That simply is not the case.

          After twenty years of designing, developing and coding web content, we have discovered that each search engine provides a set of “best practices,” of what should be done to make sites appear close to the top of their searches. When implemented properly, visitors who are searching for businesses or services will find the sites that have done what is prescribed by each search engine. As long time developers, we adhere and implement these best practices into each site we build. We can’t guarantee first page placement, but we can guarantee that we implement these best practices.