If you’re in business, you’ve most likely gotten that automated phone call saying: “Hi, this is Sharron, your local Google specialist.” Those calls usually originate from companies that are trying to sell you their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. If you do hang on through that annoying automated voice and wind up speaking with an actual human being, you’ll find that the person usually has a “guaranteed” way to put your business at the top of search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo!

     The fact is, contrary to popular belief, there is no way to “guarantee” placement on Google, Bing, Yahoo! or any other search engine, for that matter. Search engines use a set of closely guarded, proprietary algorithms that change on a regular basis. So, if someone or a company tells you that they have a way or a “special trick” that can put your website at the top of any search engine, DO NOT FALL FOR THAT.

     Although the search engines protect their indexing secrets, there are some things that can be done to insure that people that are looking for you can find you. These items (known as best practices) range from making sites “mobile friendly” to submitting site maps to the search engines.

     At Creative Web Design Unlimited, we stay up to date on these best practices, insuring that our clients’ sites appear as close to the top as possible in searches that pertain to them. If you’d like your business to appear near the top of your search without spending a small fortune, call us today at (334) 233-4235.

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