Often times, “doing it yourself” (DIY) can save you a lot of time and money. For example, if you know how to change a tire, when you get a flat, you don’t have to call road service, wait for them to arrive and pay them an arm and leg for their services. You just jack up the car, change the tire and you’re on your way.

     Several companies have recently popped up enticing users to “build their own website for FREE.” Companies like Wix, Weebly and Go Daddy are some of the more popular ones. There are several issues with this scenario. While technically, inexperienced users can drag and drop a site together, the end result is usually a cookie-cutter site (with the name of the company that “let” you build it for free splashed all over it), and is most of the time is very limited in scope, look and functionality. You can “enhance or upgrade” these sites but that’s where the “got-cha” moment comes into play. There is usually a substantial fee to upgrade, and the upgrade offers very little in the way of how the site looks and performs. The main problem with “site builders” is that sites built with them are limited as to look and functionality by the parameters of the actual software. For example, if you wanted to add a particular element that isn’t supported by the software, you simply can’t add it. Also, some DIY page builders are so overly complicated that you need a degree in computer science to operate them. All of these factors together tend to build on one another usually leaving the business owner frustrated and with a less than ideal website.

     Websites are, in essence, a billboard for your business that is freely and instantly accessible with just a few keystrokes from any phone, computer or tablet that has an internet connection. A less than awesome website simply can not compete in today’s connected society. Even if you do what you do better than anyone else in your industry, a website that doesn’t showcase your business in the best possible light, is likely to do more harm than good. The idea is to not only have a website that is built to minimum standards, but one that stands out above the rest.

     At Creative Web Design Unlimited, we take the guess work and confusion out of the whole process of putting businesses on the web. We hold certifications in HTML, the computer language that websites are built in, and we use feature rich content management systems that enable us to create websites that are not only beautiful, but functional. If you need to put your business on the web, call us at (334)233-4235. Let us make your business our next success story.

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