Owner and developer Kyle Kessler launched Creative Web Design Unlimited in 1999. In the late nineties, as the technology boom was in a constant state of flux, and the only sure thing was, that computers and the internet were quickly becoming a way of life, and they were here to stay. Sensing long term stability in the technology sector Kyle taught himself how to develop and build websites. After about six months Kyle became a certified web developer.

     Cynthia Kessler, Kyle’s wife, co-owner and fellow developer has expertise in programming and image manipulation. She has programmed in the SCO environment, and has experience with both intranet and extranet programming.

     Our developers now hold certifications in HTML (the language that websites are written in), WordPress, computer industry knowledge, ecommerce concepts and have over 40 website awards to their credit.

     Why not let our professional developers make your company our next success story? Call (334) 233-4235 today to get started.